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I'm Mustafa Karaaslan

I am a photographer and cinematographer born in 1990 in Turkey. I graduated from the Antalya University Department of Physical Education and Sports.

While at university, I decided to pursue something that would be more suitable for the lifestyle I wanted to live- concentrating on photography and videography, which I have been interested in as a hobby since childhood. Combining the sport I have been involved in for years and the art I love, I travel the world by bicycle and create a video series by telling the story of my journey. At the same time, I share with you all the photos that I took in different parts of the world.

Thanks to these videos, you can learn the stories behind the art, and here you can buy a photo of your favorite story.


-London Photo Festival - Water Photo Contest Finalist 2018 (UK)
-Motion Blur Photo Contest Winner 2018
-Hahnel - Flash Photography Photo Contest Winner 2017
-Khayyam Sports Photography Exhibition 2017 (IR)
-Street Photography Photo Contest Winner 2017
-H2Open Magazine front cover April/May 2016 issue (UK)
-London Photo Festival - Voyages of the Sea Exhibition - 2016 (UK)
-UFSD 5th International Photography Competition Exhibition - 2016 
-MDTO - Sea and Human Photo Contest Exhibition 2016 (TR)
-Festive Celebrations Photo Contest Winner 2016
-National Geographic Turkey August 2015 issue (EN)

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